Shrine Auditorium:
Wayfinding Design

Revival of an icon.
The Challenge
The Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall has been the epicenter for Hollywood’s most prestigious events – including the Grammys, the Emmys and the Academy Awards – since 1926. When Goldenvoice took over booking and management of the venue, they were fully committed to restoring the Shrine and their multi-million dollar plan included everything from state-of-the-art stages to a new roof. The only thing the renovation was lacking? A clear signage system to get its 6,300 nightly guests from the parking lot to their seats.
The Result
Because the Shrine Auditorium is a designated Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument, there were sign placement limitations and and much consideration in how it would effect the structure. Rather than creating a system with uniform signs and treatment, each piece was designed to complement its architectural surrounding while utilizing pre-existing power sources. Staying true to the Shrine’s Moorish Revival style, we tied the system together with repeating geometric patterns, horseshoe arches, ornamental embellishments and metallic finishes without losing its informational purpose.
Environmental Design
Agency and Photography: SIX DEGREES LA
Sign Fabrication: Southwest Sign Co. 
Historic Photographs: USC Digital Library

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