Pom Wonderful:
Social Media Content
A superpower-ful presence.
The Challenge
POM is wonderful in every way—from partnerships to the product that fills the bottle. To reach its core audience and strengthen brand awareness, POM Wonderful relies heavily on social media channels. We were tasked with educating and engaging POM's followers by creating fresh branded content for Facebook and Instagram.
The Result
Through custom-shot video and photography, we curated a mix of POM-branded stills, videos and cinemagraphs, using POM's signature red as a common thread. Whether it was a story of muscle recovery, promoting American Ninja Warrior or simply promoting the purity of ingredients, the vibrant content stood out while positioning POM as the hero.
Photo Art Direction, Social Media Content
​​​​​​​Associate Creative Director: Dan Hostetler
Photographer: Aaron Cobb
Videographer: Navin Ramaswaran
Production Studio: Studio M

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