Reset by Therabody: 
Branding, art and Design Direction
Achieving that moment of Reset.
The Challenge
Reset is a full culmination of Dr. Jason Wersland's vision: a wellness center for the body and soul, and a sensory experience for physical, mental and emotional rejuvenation. Using the same state-of-the-art treatments as professional athletes, elite performance coaches and leading physical therapists, Reset is where healing and recovery begin. And branding is the first part of the journey.
The Result
From the complex menu to the screens in the treatment room, we wanted each piece of this brand to bring aesthetic pleasure without compromising Therabody's need to teach. Marrying science with art, we used sensual, editorial photography and delicate type to educate the audience on innovative technology, allowing for a full mind and body experience from beginning to end.
Design Direction, Art Direction, Graphic Design
Senior Copywriter: Carly Graner

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