Wonderful Halos:
Social Media Content

Capturing Pure Goodness.
The Challenge
With only a shoestring budget to offer, Wonderful Halos tasked us with creating a library of images big enough to fill their social channels from December to May—the length of their in-store season. Not only did the content need to highlight specific snacking occasions such as playtime, sports and holidays, it also needed to embody the current brand tagline: Good Choice, Kid™.
The Result
Using playful styling and light touches of Halos' blue throughout props and wardrobe, we crafted a relatable, yet ownable lifestyle look to Halos' otherwise graphic-heavy Instagram and Facebook. Over the course of 3 days with only a handful of sets, we shot a wide range of content, creating classrooms, campsites, and other places where the sweet, seedless and easy-to-peel fruit is enjoyed.
Photo Art Direction, Social Media Content
Agency: Wonderful Agency
Associate Creative Director: Dan Hostetler
Photographer: Aaron Cobb
Crew: Studio M

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