Move to Unite: 
Brand Campaign
Moving forward with Pride.
The Challenge
Pride began with the Stonewall Uprising and the march for LGBTQ+ equal rights. Today, Pride unites the community with strength and celebration of the progress that’s been made over the years, yet the work is never-ending. Therabody stands proudly with the LGBTQ+ community – every individual within its diverse group and the human rights movement as a whole. This June, and every day, we have the opportunity to show that.
The Result
We wanted to create a campaign that celebrates Pride with the love and solidarity that it has always stood for. Move to Unite marries two of Therabody’s missions: keeping every body in motion and moving the world to a better place. Inspired by the rainbow on the Theragun mini skin, we painted a 16 foot cyc wall in similar nature for the campaign's group hero shots. Vibrant, monochromatic portraits of our LGBTQ+ talent were also captured whose individual stories and experiences were shared in detail on the brand’s digital channels.
Campaign Concept, Photo Art Direction, Graphic Design
Senior Creative Producer: Nick Lorenzini
Senior Copywriter: Sean Goolabsingh
Portrait Photographer: Bronson Farr
Cyc Photographer: Chris Cleary
Motion Design: Alec Maassen

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