Del Frisco's:

Introducing the extraordinary.
The Challenge
When $14 million is spent on turning a Chicago landmark into one of the most sophisticated steakhouses in the world, you better make sure diners show up to the table. During construction, Del Frisco's Restaurant Group wanted develop teaser ads in Chicago-centric and premium lifestyle publications to evoke curiosity, turning heads in print and in person.
The Result
We wanted equal focus on the steakhouse's debut in the Gold Coast District and the return of the Esquire Theater. Using concise, no-fuss verbiage, limited historic shots of the venue and existing brand imagery, our exploration of ads maintained focus on Del Frisco's dedication to a hospitality experience a cut above the rest and its Windy City debut.
Art Direction, Graphic Design
Photography: Del Frisco's Restaurant Group
Historic Photographs: Chicago History Museum

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