Digital Content

Setting the bar higher.
The Challenge
MedMen has a growing retail map, celebrity partnerships, exclusive events, a magazine and a constant stream of groundbreaking cannabis news and information. As Senior Art Director, I was responsible for leading the visual direction of the brand to create fresh content in a fast-paced, always changing industry.
The Result
Driving the visual identity for MedMen meant developing a cohesive brand that ties all business entities together. With each project, content was driven by bold photography and consistently clean design reflective of the MedMen retail experience. Regardless of the platform or device, we strived to proudly deliver information in a clutter-free, straight forward way. 
Design Direction, Art Direction
Photographers: Allie Beckett, Sergiy Barchuk, Leslie Kirchhoff, Kristyna Archer, Jamil Taylor, Ty Cole
VP of Creative: Morgan Thomas
Designers: Sebastian Diaz-Mihell, Poppy Piltch
Content Photography

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