Ad A Day: 
Creative Challenge

The Challenge
COVID-19. What a strange time – quarantined to our homes with pets, banana bread and uncertainty, redefining our new normals. When my puzzle or Masterclass routines felt like it wasn't enough to get my creative juices flowing, I opted to participate in an Ad A Day challenge for 11 days. What's that, you ask? It's simple: you take a one-sentence brief and make an ad in 24 hours.
The Result
Through this challenge I realized a handful of things. #1. I think in terms of campaigns and a single ad just didn't cut it for me. Without at least 3 lines, 3 visuals and 3 executions, I wasn't convinced that the insight of a concept could be supported. So, Ad A Day immediately became Campaign A Day. #2. Ad A Day forced me to make decisions and commit to them quickly. Because I could rationalize ideas faster than ever, I had more time to finesse shadows and play with type. And lastly I learned, #3. I really miss people. Sure, I alone could make something decent in 24 hours, but without feedback and collaboration, the work could only go so far. 
CCO, Creative Director, Art Director, Copywriter, Designer, Intern
Challenge Creator: Jeremy Carson

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