Oui Oui! Macaron:
Branding and Art Direction
Making life a little sweeter.
The Challenge
San Francisco pastry Chef Cathleen Li needed a brand for her Parisian pastries – she was ready to debut the line of macarons, but was serious about setting herself apart from Bay Area competitors in a not-so-serious way.
The Result
Oui Oui! Macaron is an extension of Li herself: love through food and the blatant refusal of taking life too seriously. The brand is a balance of classic pâtisserie elements with a very bold, in-your-face, modern twist. Through the use of bright, flavor-inspired colors, paired with an unexpected, good-humored voice, the Oui Oui! experience is intended to induce some giggles and to bring a smile to your face.
Brand Identity, Packaging, Environmental and Uniform Design, Photo Art Direction
Photographer: Cindy Li
Architect: Sarah Louie Roitman

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